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Characterizing Kristiina Mäkelä – her true colours

Olympic Finalist from Rio 2016, 6th place in the 2016 World Indoor Championships, multiple European Championship finalist and 10 times Finnish champion.

These statistics already say something about this powerful, determined woman who is working hard towards the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Kristiina Mäkelä made her way to the Olympic Final in Rio de Janeiro as the first Finnish female triple jumper for 40 years. She has returned interest towards triple jump in Finland, shining as one of the most successful track athletes at the moment.

Her headstrong nature and cheerful appearance has also been noticed and appreciated through the media. Kristiina’s views and knowledge is valued also outside of the sport scene, and she is a great role model who people like to follow and support.

Kristiina has a long and steady history of being finalist at the big competitions. She missed out on a medal by just 8 cm at the World Indoor Championships in Portland 2016. Her performance seems to stretch further than her ranking every time she gets a chance. She has a good mentality and is able to focus on the right things at the track which makes her a very strong competitor.

The best years are still to come. With her great support team Kristiina has overcome all obstacles, and with all that experience and knowledge, great results can be expected from her. Strong mind, understanding about sports, and motivation are Kristiina’s strengths, and if you ask her about her weaknesses her answer would be ”the things I don’t know to work for”. This means that she has given all of her time and effort for the sport, and doesn’t hesitate to do what it best for the sport when it comes to everyday life! Being an athlete is a way of life and Kristiina has understood its deepest meaning.